Mullein the Mystery Mucus Magician

There are a few teas that when ordered, I see a very high percentage of positive feedback if bought for specific benefits with certain hopes in place for what this tea will help with.

We never say something WILL work and only provide anecdotal benefits, studies, and general information about all of our teas - and what works for someone may not work for another. That being said, Mullein Tea (Verbascum thapsus) seems to have a high success rate amongst the general population for clearing up the chest, helping smokers with the aftereffects of quitting and cleaning out the lungs, and a range of other conditions that require the lungs and chest to be 'cleaned out'.

In ancient greece, Dioscorides (a botanist and pharmacologist) recommended Mullein for the lungs and since that time has been the herb of choice for chest issues. A traditional irish remedy for tuberculosis is Mullein boiled in milk!

Mullein Tea

Light and fluffy in texture, but strong in power. Mullein is one of our lightest teas apart from 'Hops' and proves to be a bit of a challenge to pack sometimes as it's so volumous.

So effective is this tea that if inhaled when packing this tea for customers for only for a short amount of time, my nose will start running if I'm not careful! In all honesty, I'll usually hold my breath when packing Mullein as it's just too good at getting everything out.

Why is this, and what makes Mullein so effective?
One thing that should be noted is that Mullein starts to work quickly, and if there's something people love is instant results! Mullein may in fact be no more effective than other herbal teas, but with one key difference being the speed at which is works and thus - making it easier to attribute in the human mind to be the cause of healing.

The leaves are the most commonly used part of the Mullein plant and are some of the most effective natural remedies in treating coughs and congestion around. By loosening the walls of the lungs, this allows for more movement. Funnily enough, Mullein will encourage your body to cough - which is normally the symptom being treated. However with Mullein aiding your coughing process, your body will be more easily able to expel what it's trying to get rid of.

Mullein tea close up

Approximatly 3 percent of Mullein is made up of the appropriately named 'Mucilage' which helps relax mucous membranes within the body.

Tonsilits, sore throats, bronchitis are all commonly treated with Mullein for the above mentioned reasons, along with its antibacterial properties which are a welcome addition!

Other Notable Uses for Mullein

Sleeping Aid - A mild sedative that can aid with sleep. Perhaps not as powerful as Damiana or Valerian though!

Digestion - Has been known to aid with digestive issues, but little study has been done on this.

Cuts, Blisters - Traditionally used on cuts and blisters topically.

Asthma - Anything that opens up the lungs is good for asthma sufferers. You may wish to give this a try under doctors advice if you have asthma.

 To read more on the benefits of Mullein Tea, read here. 



Rona Speechley

Rona Speechley

I have been a smoker for 55plus years and have been diagnosed with COPD so would Mullein tea
help with this condition.
Thanks Rona



I am also curious about Mullein Tea.
My mother in law is quite ill and is often full of mucus. I would like to order this for her. Could you send me the link please, I couldn’t find it. Thanks

Tea Life

Tea Life

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your question on Mullein! Sorry for the delay in response.
Much like most treatments for the chest/lung, such as cough syrup – it’s more to do with the contents within affecting a specific area, rather than via direct contact with the area in question. Such as ginger helping with blood flow/circulation – it doesn’t touch the blood directly but you will often feel warmer and a little more energetic after drinking. Perhaps not the best example but the first one that popped into mind.

If you’d like more specific information on which components within Mullein affect the lungs please let me know!



So if it’s a drink how does it help lungs and chest as it would go into stomach and bladder
Or am I missing something



Great thanks for info will order. T

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