5 Best Teas For The Summertime

Summer is almost here, and as the weather clears up and the temperature gets warmer, the nostalgia of summer is all around. Most tea lovers spend the year sipping on hot tea with a dash of milk and sugar, but there’s a need for something lighter, sweeter, and colder when summer comes along. 

There’s simply nothing better than sipping on a home-brewed batch of iced tea, and at Tea Life, we have some amazing tea blends for summertime that can be enjoyed warm and cold. 

From herbal teas, fusion blends and fruit teas, Tea Life has something on offer for all tea enthusiasts. 

1. Fruit teas

Nothing says summertime quite like fresh fruit, and you can find a fruit tea blend to suit your taste buds this summer, such as our Bael fruit tea, forest fruit tea or lychee black tea. Tea Life’s selection of fruit teas is to die for. 

What’s also great about fruit teas is that most are caffeine-free, and here at Tea life, we take it one step further by ensuring all our teas are also sugar-free and organic. It doesn’t get more natural than that, and that’s what fruit teas are all about. Fresh, natural tasting goodness, fruit teas are perfect for chilling and icing on hot summer days at the park or beach.

2. Green teas

Green tea is soothing and splendid all year round, but some beautiful blends are enjoyed best in the summer, such as strawberry green tea, mango green tea or the classic lemon and ginger green tea. 

Green tea is classically enjoyed hot, as a great drink to have after a meal or to just to sit and relax with, but when brewed as an iced tea, the sweetness is often very surprising and welcomed. Add a slice of lemon for an extra kick of flavour, and you’re all set for your summer afternoon. 

3. Black teas

Just like green tea, you can enjoy black tea hot or cold, on its own or in a fusion. One of the most refreshing kinds of tea to drink in the summer, though, is unsweetened black iced tea, the perfect drink for sweltering heat. You can also add a slice of lemon to your icy cold black tea for an even fresher taste. 

At Tea Life, we also have black fruit teas, where you can enjoy the usual taste of black tea with some bonuses such as coconut fusion black tea and orange fusion black tea. 

4. Lemonade Iced tea

What better drink to make for summer than the ultimate fusion of two great summertime drinks: lemonade and iced tea. It’s a delicious flavour mashup that’s easy to make. Simply pick your tea – we recommend unsweetened black iced tea – and mix with lemonade. You can add fruit to it, or you can choose one of our fruit teas instead, as fruit often compliments the flavour of lemonade. 

5. Root based teas

Finally, we have any root based tea such as ginger and liquorice. These teas are bold and less common but very tasty. They are best brewed hot but are very soothing relaxers for both the body and mind, so they work wonderfully at night when the sun has gone down, and the breeze is nice and cool. Root teas have many benefits, having so much nutritious goodness in them that we simply couldn’t leave them off this list. 

Tea Life

It doesn’t matter how you prefer your tea, hot or cold, sweet or unsweetened; tea is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. Even though it’s widely considered a cold-weather drink, this doesn’t mean it always has to be.

You can enjoy hot tea in the summer along with iced tea; they can both be refreshing and relaxing. Head to our store to look at our range of fruit teas, black teas and more.  

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