Lemon Myrtle Tea

Tea Description

A tree native to the northern parts of NSW Australia happens to produce an amazingly refreshing lemon flavoured tea with numerous health benefits.
Sore throat? Cramps and spasms? Give this tea a try. It could be the perfectly organic solution you've been looking for. Learn more about the amazing health benefits of this tea here.
Our Lemon Myrtle tea is proudly grown in Currumbin Valley, Queensland.

We can quite safely say that this is the best Lemon Myrtle Tea we've tried to date and we're sure you'll agree.

Australian grown with love, from organic Australian suppliers.

    Health Benefits

    There are too many to list here, for the full list visit the link within our description!

    • Natural Antiseptic properties
    • High levels of vitamin C
    • Relieves cramps, spasms, headaches, rheumatism
    • Caffeine free

    How to brew Lemon Myrtle Tea

    1. Infuse lemon myrtle leaves in boiling water.

    2. Keep it aside for about 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you want the tea to be. 

    3. Remove the lemon myrtle and then serve.

    Lemon Myrtle Tea Known Side Effects

    No adverse effects known at this time.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Brenda B. B.B. Brenda B.
      Enhancing tea

      Lemon Myrtle is strong and astringent but wonderfully refreshing with a robust, clean lemony zing. It is a zesty additive to green tea and a third of a teaspoon works wonders! It adds a new dimension and I will try it with black tea soon.

      Hi Brenda, thanks so much - love this review, and you're 100% correct about this tea. : )
      Sue S. Sue
      4 star

      Lemon Myrtle Tea

      Lyall Christie L.C. Lyall C.


      Hi Lyall, So glad they arrived to New Zealand safely. : )

      Why buy online with Tea Life? What sets it apart?
      We're not just another tea brand.
      We focus on Australian grown and organic tea wherever possible.
      Why organic and Australian?

      • Quality: Australian standards impose strict quality control on tea made within Australia.
      • Freshness: We only pack our tea upon your order. Until that time, it's kept within the bulk of the loose leaf tea. This dramatically increases freshness and taste.
      • Health: The full remedial powers, taste and aroma of our tea are unlocked due to our organic and fresh Australian produce.
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      Our Guarantea to you,
      is that we never want you to be blue.
      We'll always do our very best,
      To make sure we pass your test.

      If one of our teas is not as described, we'll refund that tea. Quality is very important to us.

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      Questions about our organic tea ranges?

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      142 reviews
      most refreshing green tea

      Fantastic green tea, delicate, non bitter and refreshing. Finally a green that doesn't get bitter when left to brew beyond the recommended time of 1-3 minutes. The add of the medicinal herbs makes it a nice aid in liver detoxification, digestion and overall GI tract soother. Fantastic.

      Sweet and Calming

      This is truely one tea to indulge in, your tastebuds will cry for more.....a lovely, calming tea.

      Full of Intensity

      If you want to experience a robust tea with a tangy ending then this is the one for you.

      Nice and Mellow

      This Matcha Tea has wonderful depth, followed by a mellow sweetness.

      love love love

      fantastic product and very quick delivery