Back in stock and freshly picked literally days ago from what we confidently deem the best farm in Australia for Lemon Myrtle Tea - this versatile 'supertree' has numerous uses so keep on reading to find out exactly what it can do for you.  

Speaking from personal experience, earlier this year I came down with a common cold and sore throat around the same time I received my first samples of Lemon Myrtle Tea. I know my body well and what I should normally expect with this - generally involving feeling like I want to spend the next week in bed.
Drinking a few cups of Lemon Myrtle Tea per day drastically reduced my sickness time down to just a couple of days and will now forever be my tea of choice when I'm unlucky enough to have caught a cold!

Australian Lemon Myrtle Tea Benefits

Lemon myrtle tea benefits are numerous and diverse. They include the following amazing health benefits:

1. Lemon Myrtle Helps The Skin

Citral is known to be a natural skin cleanser that helps with both acne and blemishes.
Antibacterial+Antiseptic properties further aid and come to the rescue of those wanting to give their skin a natural boost.

2. Lemon Myrtle is High in Antioxidants

10 Health Benefits of Lemon Myrtle Tea | Tea Life Australia
Many teas contain anti-oxidants and Lemon Myrtle is no exception. Being particularly abundant within this tea, we'd like to stress the above first point that this tea helps to fight against the effects of stress, pollution and other nasties on the skin.


3. Lemon Myrtle Helps Fight Against Cellulite

Yes. Studies have shown that connective tissue regrowth is one of the benefits of drinking Lemon Myrtle, with one of the major components of cellulite being the breakdown of connective tissue. Lean muscle tissue growth is also another nice side effect, which further adds to the appearance of healthy-looking legs.

4. Lemon Myrtle Tea is Anti-inflammatory

A study has been done on this.
"The anti-inflammatory activities occurred through down-regulation of iNOS and COX-2 enzymes and inhibition of the accumulation of their respective products, NO and PGE2"

This roughly translates to "Lemon Myrtle Tea contains anti-inflammatory properties".

5. Lemon Myrtle Reduces Eye Bags

This tea is known to reduce dark eye bags by strengthening capillaries.

6. Lemon Myrtle Helps With Weight Loss and Detox

The Citral mentioned earlier also helps to detoxify by acting as a diuretic which means urinating more frequently. This process helps to flush out the kidneys, liver, bladder and other organs.

Did we mention that Lemon Myrtle contains many times the amount of Citral then lemon, which is the component that gives lemons their smell?

7. Lemon Myrtle Acts As Natures Painkiller

Effective against fevers, colds, sore throats, and headaches, with Indigenous Australians having long used lemon myrtle, both in cuisine and as a healing plant.

8. Lemon Myrtle Aids In Sleeping

The benefits keep coming. A natural sleeping aid that works by reducing overall stress on the mind and body.

9. Lemon Myrtle Strengthens Immune System

Anti-bacterial properties and high anti-oxidants double up in this tea to help fight against infection!

10. Concentration

The mental aspects have been ignored a bit in this list! Aromatherapists often use Lemon Myrtle as a concentration aid that also helps with depression and fatigue.

Clearly it is the vast amount of lemon myrtle benefits that explain why this tea is a fan favourite at Tea Life. 


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I’m looking for a tea that helps with hot flushes thank you

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