Demand More Research and Funding for Soursop Tea as a Natural Cancer Treatment

It is imperative that we find more affordable and accessible treatment options because cancer causes one in ten fatalities. Let's take a look at how Soursop can be used to treat some kinds of cancer and why this natural method desperately needs future funding!

The Goal

Our end goal is for more research to be conducted in regards to Soursop Tea being used as a natural treatment for cancers in humans.

So far, studies have been conducted in labs and have proved incredibly effective however, in order for these studies to reach humans we need more funding and more awareness.

The Problem

There are so many teas with powerful health benefits and yet so little scientific research is conducted to get these methods approved for a wider use.

Tea to treat serious illnesses is often viewed through a negative lens due to misinformation and so many tea companies not having access to quality tea leaves.

However, with Soursop having shown so much promise in the alternative methods to treat cancerous cells it seems absolutely absurd that nobody is funding any serious human studies into this wonderful potential remedy.

When tested in a lab, Soursop was able to effectively kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells. What makes this even more incredible is that the cells Soursop was able to destroy are the same cells that are often immune to chemotherapy treatments.

Soursop pulp was also shown to have a positive effect on prostate cancer cells in mice in a more recent study. Unfortunately, these studies have only ever been conducted in labs on mice or clumps of cells. We desperately need these alternative Soursop treatments to receive funding to be tested more thoroughly, especially as one in ten people dies from cancer.

A 2018 study also showed Soursop to be something called a chemopreventive agent. This means that consuming Soursop can lessen your chances of developing many forms of cancer. Once again, this preventative remedy is not common knowledge due to a lack of scientific research.

The complete lack of concrete research on Soursop and its effects on cancer is the only barrier between us and developing a more natural cancer treatment.

Side effects such as nerve effects and how Soursop affects blood sugar and blood pressure are some of the biggest reasons this method of treating cancer has not been further researched.

I believe it is more than reasonable to argue these side effects could potentially be worked upon with the correct research into dosage and the most suitable ways of using Soursop in treatments. No medical remedy is ever perfect straight away so why are we not funding more research into the abilities of Soursop?

The Solution

Of course, the ideal solution is to find funding and researchers for the adequate amount of testing to take place to make Soursop a serious contender in cancer treatments.

However, even the treatments available now have gone through years and years of rigorous testing to make it into the mainstream market internationally.

Yet, so many people are still completely unaware of the magic of Soursop that it seems simply raising awareness can be considered a solution too. Many cancer-related websites list Soursop as a potential treatment but also confirm that there is not adequate testing as of yet for it to be used as a real cancer treatment.

Overall, we need to raise awareness about the abilities of Soursop to treat cancer, raise funding to ensure further testing will take place and somehow get Soursop as a cancer treatment into the runnings with current treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Afterall, taking Soursop in any of its forms is a lot more bearable than current cancer treatments and it has the potential to save lives.

soursop tea and cancer treatment


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