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Among all kinds of teas out there, peppermint tea is probably one of the most refreshing. It’s healthy, it tastes good, and it can boost your immunity. 

If you’re interested in the health benefits that peppermint tea offers, you are in the right place. We source the highest quality organic peppermint tea from Australian suppliers. 

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The Exceptional Benefits of Peppermint Tea

This herbal tea can also reduce certain pain, indigestion, and skin problems. Pair these up with the chilled menthol flavour, and you got a killer blend of fun and health. The key benefits of Peppermint Tea include the following: 

1. It Can Help Upset Stomach 

Stomach ache is the aftermath of your stomach muscles contracting. The contraction then results in muscle cramps and you feel an upset stomach. Well, peppermint tea can soothe stomach aches. 

The cooling effect helps the muscles to relax. It improves circulation, and the muscles no longer cramp. 

Another way this organic herbal tea helps with an upset stomach is by stimulating the organs that release gastric juices. Gastric juices are responsible for breaking down food and lead to healthy digestion. Since stomach pain is often the result of indigestion, organic peppermint tea can help. It also reduces inflammation, a major reason behind bloating. 

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2. Say Bye to Bad Breath 

Bad breath is more common than we would like to admit. Bad breath is caused by halitosis, and peppermint extracts can help with it. If you notice carefully, you’ll see that most tubes of toothpaste contain peppermint in some form for the same reason.

The organic herbal tea has its own refreshing aroma that camouflages bad breath. Besides, the antibacterial characteristics of the mints help kill the bacteria inside the mouth to remove bad breath. 

Bad breath can sometimes occur from badly digested food. Since peppermint helps in healthy and efficient digestion of the food, the chances of bad breath bogs down drastically. 

3. Eases Disruptive Digestion 

We are all familiar with the feeling of bloating. That horrible feeling of being full without eating a lot of food. It mostly happens because the gastric juices cannot digest the food completely. It throws off the balance of the body, and bad gases fill the stomach. Peppermint tea can move those gases to take the feeling of being bloated away. 

Peppermint also improves the production of bile, a liquid generated in the liver to help digest protein and lipids. It improves the acid reflux and helps reduce the possibility of diarrhoea or constipation. If you suffer from digestion problems, you can opt for organic peppermint tea after eating. 

4. Fights The Common Cold 

The common cold is another area where peppermint shines. This herbal tea has been used to cure the common cold for hundreds of years. Peppermint is filled with antioxidants, and it can help boost immunity as well. 

The common cold often comes associated with a sore throat. A nice hot cup of the herbal tea will soothe the harsh feeling and reduce inflammation. The cooling effect of peppermint comes from menthol and menthol is a muscle relaxant. Menthol can open up the airways in the lungs and help with severe respiratory conditions like bronchitis. 

Peppermint tea also improves circulation which in return helps the white blood cells to move faster. White blood cells are part of our natural immunity and they fight against viruses and bacteria. As a common cold is caused by a virus, peppermint tea makes it easier for the white blood cells to cure it. 

This organic herbal tea also boosts immunity as it contains some essential vitamins and nutrients. Immunity is what keeps us safe from foreign organisms. So, maintaining a good immunity system is key to being healthy around the year.

5. Improves Focus

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As odd as it may sound, the compounds found in peppermint can help build mental awareness. A drink in the morning can increase productivity throughout the day. However, researchers are not yet sure how peppermint boasts such properties. 

Some studies have shown that the smell of menthol is capable of stimulating the hippocampus area, which is responsible for focus and clarity. The rejuvenation that comes with peppermint tea can help you go through the day by maintaining focus. 

6. Reduce Stress Levels

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Stress is one of the biggest culprits behind a lot of medical conditions. The lifestyle we maintain now compels us to be stressed continuously. We may not be able to change our lifestyle, but we can improve it by adding this organic herbal tea to the mix. 

Peppermint has been commonly used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years. It has natural sedative properties that calm the nerves. A hot cup of peppermint tea drops the body’s core temperature and brings the blood pressure down. All of this results in a calm state of the body and mind. 

One of the perks of this herbal tea over other teas is that it doesn’t have any caffeine. While caffeine is great for improving productivity, it can come with symptoms like insomnia and jitters throughout the day. Peppermint tea can refresh and rejuvenate you in a similar way, minus the side effects. 

7. Healthy Skin and Hair 

Peppermint is great for the scalp and the skin. A cup of this organic herbal tea regularly can result in a brighter skin tone and improved hair quality. The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants found in peppermint remove toxins from the body and it ultimately results in healthier skin. 

As the blood circulation is improved, the scalp gets more nutrients and makes the hairs look shiny in return!

8. Assist With Acid Reflux 

If you have experience with acid reflux, you know how painful heartburn can get. It’s due to the stomach releasing more gastric juices to deal with indigestion. Peppermint tea can increase the symptoms as it stimulates the organs they produce and releases the juices. 

9. Pregnancy Benefits 

Peppermint is not harmful to pregnant women in general, but the consumption should be limited. The herbal tea has been linked with miscarriages so it’s best to stay away while you are pregnant. 

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Side Effects Of Peppermint 

Nothing comes without a price. Peppermint too has some side effects on people with specific medical conditions or extra sensitivity to peppermint. 

Interactions with Drugs 

If you take any kind of medication regularly, it’s wise to consult with your doctor before drinking peppermint tea. The compounds found in peppermint might interact with certain drugs designed to treat heartburn, diabetes, or blood pressure. 

So What Can You Take Away From This Article?  

Organic Peppermint tea can be a great addition to your existing lifestyle. It boasts certain health benefits proven by scientists. If no medical contradictions exist, consider including a cup of peppermint tea in your diet to improve digestion, immunity, and overall health.



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