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Tea Recipes and Journal

Tea Recipes and Journal

What's the best way to store tea? The 3 main rules.

Sometimes I'll get the question of 'How should I store my tea to extend its shelf life'? So I thought I would quickly talk about that here.

Tea doesn't like 5 things very much before it's put in a teacup by you, and those things are light, heat, moisture, odor and air.

We're awesome, so of course our resealable packaging you get with our tea takes care of all of these issues. But still, there's much to learn below...

The three main rules are -

  • Store away from sunlight (light and heat)
  • Keep your tea within non clear packaging, or at the very least - a dark jar or the cupboard (light, heat, moisture, air)
  • Keep it sealed (air, moisture)


Tea Storage Methods!

The Fridge:

One way some people store tea is in the fridge. This is actually pretty good for the short term if you're going to be drinking it quickly but for longer term you'd probably be better off storing your tea in the cupboard.

Why? One factor can be odor - you don't want green tea with a hint of lamb. Or maybe you do. But most people probably don't.

Another reason is that things in the fridge will gather moisture. Over time and mentioned above, moisture isn't good for tea and will take it out of its dried state.

Every time you open and close the fridge door, this causes fast humidity changes which in turn causes humidity to seep into even some sealed containers, which will degrade the tea.


The Freezer:

Some of the above applies to the freezer too, except with the notable addition of a lot more moisture.Tea that has been recently unfrozen will be wet. So unless you want to drink it all at once after unfreezing, you should probably stay away from this option.

The Cupboard:

Probably the most common storage area but with a few considerations to....consider. It's well known that tea will absorb the smells around it and this includes other teas too. How many teas do you have in your cupboard right now? Are some delicate flavours, and are some strong? Placing the strong unpleasant odor or Valerian next to Chamomile for awhile might give you a brand new tea smell that the worlds never seen before. Lets call it Chamerian.

Most of this can be resolved by using airtight containers though, so the only thing to take away from this is try not use a rubber band to seal your clear plastic tea bags in.

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Tea Life Reviews

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2371 reviews

A really good blend. I'm pregnant and drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea which I was getting quite bored with but the blend of this one is really delicious.

Hi Carly, thanks for your review on this new blend!

Very weak watery chocolate flavour, no matter how long you let steep or use. I used about a dessertspoon per teacup and let steep about 8 minutes, adding milk didnot improve flavour.

Hi Deb, Thank you for your honest review. This one seems to be a bit of a mixed bag with many reporting that the flavour is great and strong enough but with some saying it's too weak. I think if the expectation is that it will be the same as hot chocolate then it will be a let down. It is a good replacement for regular sugar chocolate for sure, but tea can be subjective as everyones tastes are different - with cacao being something we get mixed feedback on more often than other teas I suppose.
A must have mood up-lifter, pain killer, deep relaxant

I am very excited that Toby has introduced Blue Lotus to his collection. It is a bit of a struggle to source this item from a reliable vendor. The tea is of really high in quality and I will definitely stock up again, as Blue Lotus is a quite a versatile Sacred Plant Spirit to welcome to your tea routine or to your apothecary.

I use Blue Lotus mostly as Tea and to make various infusions.
As someone who suffer from chronic pain, I use this flower for pain relief, uplift mood and induce happy relaxed feelings. A bit of extra petals added for deep mediation and spiritual work.

The Nuciferine found in the flower acts as a natural relaxant and sedative and Aporphine which is found in this Lily stimulates a happy, uplifted, and euphoric feelings. I mix the petals with other blends when I need to deeply relax for mediation or to most my pain relief portions.

Depending on the dose you take, the experience may be varied form person to person. There are so many ways to experiment and the internet has ample information.

Hi Raye, thanks so much for your review on this new tea - it's always the first review that's the most important to help get things going. Also pictures are also super appreciated too. We'll see how this one goes over time but it looks like it will be here to stay :) I'm looking forward to seeing how blue lotus helps others too.
Delicious in the extreme

Baby Blue Earl Grey Tea is delish black with a spoon of rice syrup to really enjoy the decadence.

Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your review on this new tea!

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