Lemon Verbena Tea

Tea Description
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Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla) is a refreshing herb with some great benefits. A well known skin cleanser that's able to aid with colds and digestive issues. Another interesting benefit of Lemon Verbena is that it can lessen spams and cramps.

Australian grown with love, from organic Australian suppliers.

Health Benefits

Lemon Verbena is recommended for overall health and...

  • Common Cold relief
  • Contains Anti-spasm compounds
  • Good for digestive issues

How to brew Lemon Verbena Tea

1. Roughly chop four to six leaves and place in an infuser, in a cup, preferably covered. 

2. Leave to steep for five minutes.

3. Strain the leaves and drink the resulting, fragrant infusion.

Lemon Verbena Tea Known Side Effects

Some individuals may experience contact hypersensitivity.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for warding off pending colds

It is great to find a tea website that is practical, gives you advice on what all the teas can be used for and such a variety.
I have lemon tea every morning with manuka honey and seem not to catch a cold all winter.

Thank you Therese. We'll always be adding new teas and growing our range too!
My favourite tea

Beautiful tea with a lovely delicate flavour. Very cleansing on the palate . I love how tea life have a description about the tea on the packaging.

Hi Anna, yes that's a must I think, it would be too hard to remember otherwise!
Mum's Tea

My mother had talked about a tea that she has used for years when she lived in Portugal. After much searching for the translation of this particular tea I came across your website which had all the inforamtion I needed. I promptle had some delicered to her home where she was delighted to finally have her lemon verbena. Thank you for making my life easier.

Hi Dina, we get a lot of stories like this and they make me really happy to know that we've helped out if only just a little!
Lovely tea

I am loving my beautiful lemon verbena tea I just wish the packet had come with how much to use per cup and how long to steep. Thank you

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your feedback! At the moment it's a little too tricky for us to create individual back labels per tea type. One of the reasons we can offer pricier superior tea at reasonable prices is due to simplistic packaging (we don't like to pass packaging costs on to the customer, or shipping costs for that matter either). Eventually we'll try to work that out, but for now all steeping instructions are on the website.
Lemon Verbena Loose Leaf Tea

I'm histamine intolerant and was looking for a tea for the cold time of the year. The Lemon Verbena tea was bursting with freshness when I opened it. It has a lovely flavour, lemony with an undertone of honey. Will buy again!

Hi Jens, Great review and thank you for the big compliment! : )

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Happy with the 3 teas that I purchased especially the hibiscus tea, website is user friendly, and service very good. I found that the Matcha milk latte was a bit too bitter for me, but it’s aroma was very pleasant- it would be better if naturally sweeter.

Hi Angela, Thanks for the feedback! Yes real Matcha is normally quite bitter. Some actually like that but this blend is supposed to help overcome that a bit. Sorry that it was a little too on the bitter side for you though :( If there's anything I can do to help make up for it please let me know.
Essiac Tea

Excellent product, quick postage, great service. Thanks very much.

Thank you Kim!
Excellent Quality Hibiscus Tea

Love my Hibiscus Tea, the taste, and especially the pretty packaging. Delivery was prompt. Definitely ordering again!"

Hi Liyana, thank you!
Orange pekoe black tea

Very tasty


I tried this last night. I made a pot and shared it with my kids at quiet time. They settled so much more easily than normal and they loved the taste. I feel that this tea will become a regular ritual in our house.

Hi Cassy, thanks! It's a great tea if liquorice is your thing - I feel that's the dominant flavour here but still pretty well balanced with the other ingredients.