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Struggling to fall asleep? Or maybe you just want a deeper, higher quality sleep that leaves you feeling well rested and revitalised for the next day? Why not try drinking a cup of delicious rooibos tea?

Why do we love rooibos?

Well, for one thing, this tea tastes amazing! Before you even start reading into any of the benefits or ways that it can improve your sleep you have to try a cup! The taste is simply delicious and best of all can be enjoyed without any further tweaking to alter the taste. It is naturally sweet and exceptionally drinkable which is why for many tea lovers, rooibos is a firm favourite!

How will rooibos tea help me sleep?

One of the biggest benefits for many tea lovers is that rooibos tea is completely and naturally caffeine free. This tea is a wonderful replacement for pretty much any caffeinated hot beverage if you've been struggling to give up coffee this January! The fact that rooibos contains no caffeine makes it naturally much more relaxing than many black or other kinds of tea.

Rooibos tea also contains a fair amount of magnesium which many people take as a supplement to try to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Magnesium can help you to relax, take deeper breaths and just feel a lot calmer in general so what better way to take it than in a cup of delicious tea?

The naturally sweet and perhaps a little malty taste of rooibos teas also means that it is enjoyed without any additives like sugar. Many of us with a sweet tooth will add a spoonful of sugar here and there to our tea which can leave us feeling on a sugar high or even becoming reliant on sugar. By cutting down on the sugar content of your tea you are already setting your body up for a healthier sleep rhythm.

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How to drink rooibos tea for sleep?

We suggest thinking of your bedtime tea as a tiny last ritual at the end of your day to help you wind down before going to sleep.

Choose a specific cup that you will use for your night-time tea and carefully prepare your rooibos tea in that cup every night. Enjoy the process of preparing your bedtime tea. Try to limit any screen time or distractions during the preparation and consumption of your rooibos tea and cut yourself a little me time.

By regularly having this calming, steady-paced ritual just before bedtime and the consumption of the magnesium-rich rooibos your body will quickly learn to fall into a better sleep rhythm which will help you get a deeper and much higher quality night's sleep! 

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