Chocolate Cacao Husk Tea Benefits and How to Make it

Chocolate Cacao Husk Tea Benefits and How to Make it

So you're interested in Chocolate Cacao Husk and wanting to know a little more?
Truth be told, brewing this tea is not all that different to brewing a regular tea. The nicest difference is that brewing this tea for extended periods will probably make it taste nicer!

Brewing regular teas such as black, green, and many herbal teas will increase the bitterness and strength in a bad way. With Cacao Husk tea - it's probably just going to get stronger in a yummier way and bring out a stronger chocolate flavour.

What are the benefits everyone's talking about?

In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits is that you can switch to this tea from whatever sugar packed sweet drink you'd normally be drinking quite easily. This is why many will list 'weight loss' as one of the benefits for Cacao Husk. We actually don't here, as it's more of an indirect side effect of switching over from hot chocolate and could still have the same effect by switching to most any other tea - but the difference here is EASE of switching over.

cocoa husk tea side view

Switching from McDonalds everyday to steamed vegetables would be a pretty hard task if your body is used to the sugar, fats and carbs, but with Chocolate Husk tea you're still getting that pleasurable taste that you may get from sugary drinks, with the only difference being that it's actually pretty good for you. With weight loss - tricking your mind (and your tongue) can be one of the easiest and least painful ways to achieve your goals!

In fact, people aren't used to something that tastes this good to actually be healthy for them. The reason for this is that most things that do taste good and sweet have been commercialized and processed to a point that most no longer recognize their original forms. Stevia is a good example of this and it commonly used as a sugar replacement but processed in a way that isn't all that good for you.

top view of cocoa husk
There's also no caffeine, no Sugar, and no dairy within Cacao Husk tea. If you're sensitive to caffeine or any of the above, this is another reason you may want to check out this tea.

This tea contains Copper, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron and many other essential compounds. It's actually a fairly complex bean/husk that will provide additional benefit apart from just containing almost 0 calories and having no sugar - which is what we want in a tea. It's normally a given that tea is going to be healthy for you in one way or another, with green tea known for being high in anti-oxidants and various herbal teas known for being effective for a wide variety of uses. 

There's a fair bit of fibre within these husks, so many also like to list this tea as being good for digestion. We have had positive feedback in this area, so there you go!

We're expecting this tea to gain popularity in Australia over the coming years as more discover it, so feel free to order or keep your eye out at your local cafe! A few suppliers have recently managed to import from overseas in its most organic forms (which is what we have on our website at Tea Life), which was previously not possible due to governmental restrictions and the required use of chemical spraying upon landing here.

So in summary:

  • High in fibre
  • A good weight loss alternative
  • Contains essential compounds
  • A good amount of anti-oxidants
  • 0 calories
  • Tastes pretty amazing for something with no sugar




How to make Cacao Husk Tea

There's not too much to say here really, apart from a few small tips!

  1. The husks mainly come intact. Crushing them can increase their surface area, which helps speed up their infusion process with hot water.
  2. Two small pinches is all you need to make a nice cup. Experiment with 4 pinches, and longer steep times too.
  3. Adding milk is pretty great! If you're going to do that, it's better to increase the steep time as much as you can.
  4. This tea is really good iced. Try icing with milk too! Just put about 4 pinches in boiling water and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Still reading and interested to give it a try? You can find Chocolate Cocoa Husk tea here.

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  • Toby Gospodarczyk

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Great service & tea from tea life

I recently tried an amazing tea in an exclusive hotel & just had to have it.
They put me onto tea Life & within a few days I had the tea delivered to my home

Hi David, wow which hotel was this? Please let me know so I can thank them! Thank you so much for your review also :) - Toby

Oolong Iron Goddess

A tasty tea

Just keep in mind that green tea has caffeine in it so not the best tea for right before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine like me but great for relaxing during the day

Ahhh I love when people add photos to their reviews! Soon I will be adding special rewards for people that do so, but for now as a thank you - please let me know which tea you'd like to try for free within your next order ( I know you just made one, so maybe next time. ) You're right about the caffeine, and will add that within the description now.

Rooibos Tea

Amazing as an iced tea

I absolutely love having this as an iced tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. It looks so beautiful whilst its steeping and when you add lemon it turns into a gorgeous purple. I plan on using this tea as the base liquid for my acai and smoothie bowls :)

Hi Alex - I love when people submit pictures! I've added that to the product page if that's okay. As thank you please let me know which tea you'd like for free with your next order. You're right, many people use this tea as a base for other things - even rice.