The positive health benefits of organic tea

Many health-conscious people out there are looking for new ways to improve their wellness. What some don’t know is that a very simple daily practice can be implemented that has many positive health benefits. This amazing practice is drinking organic tea. A basic as it sounds, different organic teas can be used to attend to different ailments. They can be used to soothe nerves, to help induce a deep sleep, to calm a busy mind and to cool inflammation in the body. Furthermore, creating a daily tea practice is a fabulous way to practice self-care.

When it comes to choosing a tea, however, it is imperative to seek the best quality possible. Here at Tea Life, we endeavour to provide the highest quality blends across Australia at the best prices. We wish to give drinkers peace of mind knowing that their blends are hygienically hand packed, are Australian grown and have the best freshness and taste. It is important to choose organic to make sure that no nasty chemicals or preservatives are used that can cause negative health side effects. We have seen the healing benefits of teas time and time again, and have created different products that we are very proud of. Here is a further look at the positive health benefits of organic tea.

Tea can help you unwind

An amazing health benefit to certain blends is that they can help you unwind. This is especially important in this busy day and age. Some great choices for anxiety and stress are st john’s wort, lavender, skullcap, chamomile and our special unwind tea. This unique blend includes peppermint, passionflower, lemon balm, star anise, liquorice, lemongrass, and rosehip. All properties are used to create a beautifully soothing drink that will allow you to unwind at the end of a busy day. This option is also useful to have after dinner as peppermint and star anise are great for digestion.


Tea can help balance hormones

While some women are barely bothered by their monthly cycle, others find themselves experiencing an array of health issues including acne, anxiety, bloating and cramps. Many of our blends are created to target these issues so more women can be feeling their best all month round. Our menstrual relief option includes a mix of ladys mantle, pau d’arco, chaste, dandelion root, and dong quai. All of the amazing ingredients work together to help balance hormones and give a lady back their healthy glow. Estrogen and progesterone can be balanced while the liver is detoxed, and the immune system is supported, which can often drop at certain times of the month. For those who feel like their hormones are a bit out of whack, can choose one of our amazing teas for balancing hormones.

Tea can help with bloating

Many who experience food sensitivities know all about the discomfort that is bloating. This can also occur due to PMS. Our bloating remedy is a great option that helps reduce bloating and improve digestion after eating. It contains fennel, peppermint, and liquorice, all of which are amazing to soothe an upset tummy. Many use dandelion tea to reduce fluid retention that can build up due to PMS. Further options are available such as our cool mint green tea and many others that can also help with any stomach issues.

Tea can boost the immune system

Many women experience immune dips during their menstrual cycle and need a little extra boost to help get them through. Others have immune conditions that leave them prone to every cold and flu that comes around. A great way to counter this is with some beautiful, healing blends. There are many options to choose from that can help boost the immune system such as yerba mate, turmeric tea, ginger tea, bee balm tea and many more. Different options can help with different ailments such as fevers, mouth infections, sore throats and many much more.

Tea can help with hair loss

Hair loss or thinning hair can be an extremely stressful experience. Many doctors do not know why this occurs and simply put it down to genetics. We have many different choices that can encourage hair growth and thicken up thinning hair. Blue butterfly pea flower is a fantastic option as it is a beautiful blue colour that is known to help with hair growth and strengthening. Burdock is also a great option to help reduce dandruff as well as hair loss.

While it can be seen that there are many positive health benefits to our teas, you do not have to have an ailment to create a loving tea ritual. Blends can also be used as a preventative measure. Enjoying a cup a day of your favourite blend is a great way to set aside time in your day just for you. You can unwind and be alone with your thoughts. Alternatively, enjoying a cup with loved ones is also a great way to connect with those around you. We even have tasty tea blends such as hot chilli chocolate and cacao chocolate husk tea, that make the perfect gifts to give all year round.

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Gavin Wyatt

Gavin Wyatt

Numerous of individuals out there are searching for better approaches to enhance their health. Organic Tea is proving in improving many health diseases like improving hair loss diseases, balancing hormones and boosting immune system.

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