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Tea Recipes and Journal

Tea Recipes and Journal

How to Prepare Iced Tea - A Summer Guide

Preparing iced tea is fairly simple, but with a few extra steps and unfortunately a longer waiting time. We're putting together a short guide with a few tips and methods on how to brew iced tea to go together with our Iced Tea Range.

Iced Tea Brewing Methods

Hot to Cold: Simply make the tea as per normal with hot water and then leave it in the fridge overnight. The amount of tea you'll be using will of course be higher if you're wanting to fill up a whole jug. In terms of leaves to tea gained, this method isn't as effective as the long cold steep.

lemon tea cold

The Long Cold Steep: This one is probably my favourite because it uses less leaves, and even a 40g bag can take you miles. Simply put the leaves in a jug of water overnight and let them steep. It's probably best to keep the leaves in a bag, cloth, or something to separate them from the water. The only downside to this method is that you may need to experiment a little. 8-10 hour steeps are powerful things, and the first time you may overestimate the amount of tea that you need and thus create a tea that's a little too strong for you. This might not even be a problem for some of the more fruity teas such as Hibiscus Wonderland or Pina Colada but general rule of thumb would be perhaps two to three heaped teaspoons per litre.

tea jug in fridge

General Iced Tea Tips

  • If adding ice cubes later on, keep in mind that this will dilute the tea. If you plan on doing so, perhaps 1-2 more heaped teaspoons than you normally would.

  • Organic tea generally chills very well. The more natural the better, as sometimes with non-organic teas the heat hides the taste of chemicals. Chilled will really bring out any impurities contained within.

  • When making iced tea it's best to plan ahead! If you know the next couple of days are going to be particularly hot, take a few minutes to prepare the night beforehand.

  • Experiment. Iced tea really is another whole world of teas and provides a completely different experience (usually good). Maybe try it with milk too? Most of the teas within our exotic range are suitable chilled, along with our classic teas including Genmaicha and even many from our herbal tea range. Try chilling some teas bought from us, you could be surprised. Just send us a message if you're unsure or need help!

1 thoughts onHow to Prepare Iced Tea - A Summer Guide

  1. avatar Veronica says:

    I’ll be trying this out tonight with your Mango Fusion and Piña Colada teas!

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About Toby Gospodarczyk

Toby Gospodarczyk is the founder of Tea Life. With an innate knowledge of Herbal Tea, his main goal is to make available as many teas from around the world as possible and educate on their various unique characteristics and qualities. In his spare time he can be found at the gym, researching tea, or sleeping in past his alarm clock.


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3186 reviews

This tea is very tasty and the best Roasted Dandelion I have had in many years. I will be buying again and telling my friends.

Hi Sally, thanks for your review! We only just got organic certification and only for a few select teas at first as we test the waters (it was quite a long process). We'll work on expanding that more this 2020 as budget allows.
My new favourite thing!

My family asked me for ideas of what to buy me for Christmas and I gave them the link for Tea Life. They bought me this teapot and I absolutely love it!!! I've used it every day since Christmas and it's my new favourite thing!
It's so easy to clean and I love that the strainer goes right to the bottom (instead of sitting on top like most other teapots) which means you don't have to fill right to the top just for one cup of tea. I also love the glass design so it always looks clean and you can see the colour of your tea to let you know when it's just right to your liking (especially good when you're brewing lovely colourful teas like the blue peaflower or hibiscus.... or a beautiful combination of the two... mmm, purple tea). Most happy with my gorgeous little teapot - thank you!
There's everything to love about this business - organic, Australian, yummy, medicinal teas, fabulous accessories, amazing customer service - you're doing everything right Toby - congratulations :))

Hi Jill, Thank you for pointing out all the things about this cup that helped us decide to stock it! Actually to be honest we got lucky on a few things and only found out some other good points after they came in. :) I'm glad you're happy with that and we'll work on expanding the range a bit further this 2020.

A brew that gets better the longer it sits
I put it in a pot and the first brew was bitter and had a standard silver needle flavour with a bit of a floral fruity taste.
And after a second brew with the same flower it was much smoother and fruitier and the flavour really came out. Very nice tea.

Hi Casey, thank you for your review! If you haven't, try the fruit infused blooming teas as they're part of our newest blooming range.
Amazing lemon smell

A beautifully fragrant tea with so many benefits. Really enjoyable.

Love it

I wanted a healthier version of my favourite bubble tea and my lychee black is delicious. Will defiantly order from here again.

Hi Mariah, you'll do very well to switch from bubble tea as that isn't too healthy! Although really yummy. Thank you for your review, much appreciated :)