A closer look at some of our favourite herbal teas and their benefits

A closer look at some of our favourite herbal teas and their benefits

Humans have been drinking tea for thousands of years and for good reason. Ranging from arthritis to hair loss, many people have aided their conditions by simply incorporating tea into their lives. Here at Tea Life we pride ourselves on providing Australians with home-grown, organic and premium grade tea blends. We understand how important it is to have support with your health and wellness journey and we believe that different herbal teas can help with a variety of ailments. Furthermore, we also believe it is important to have fresh loose-leaf tea available to everyone at a reasonable price. Because of this we offer free postage on all orders over $50 and have a variety of payment options. We have seen many people experience the benefits of good quality herbal teas and we encourage everyone to incorporate a tea ritual into their lives. Here is a closer look at some of our favourite herbal teas as well as some of their amazing benefits.

Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea

This special blend has become a favourite world-wide because of the beautiful blue colour that the tea creates. Aside from the amazing colour, there are several other reasons why you should incorporate this tea into your life. Not only is it known to support eye health but many people drink it to nourish and strengthen their hair. It is caffeine free so it is a great option for those with caffeine sensitivities. It is even known to have antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Around three petals is all it takes to create a magical and healing blend that can be sipped on all day.

blue tea

Hibiscus Tea

Another one of our favourites is our hibiscus tea. This is because of the safe and gradual weight loss properties that the tea contains. Furthermore, it is known to aid the immune system and act as an anti-inflammatory.  As if that wasn’t enough, hibiscus is also known to help the digestive systems and reduce high-blood pressure. These beautiful flowers can be steeped for approximately three minutes to produce a gorgeous (and nice tasting) red tea.

hibiscus tea

Melissa Tea

Melissa tea is also widely known as lemon balm and is commonly used to treat anxiety. This special blend is known to improve sleeping issues, migraines and can even help with cold sores. People will enjoy this tea who are prone to unstable moods and are looking for clarity of the mind. It is a great idea to have this drink on hand during stressful times as it can help ease tense muscles and some have even found it helpful with chronic fatigue syndrome. In this busy day and age, we believe that everyone can benefit from this amazing and soothing blend.

melissa Tea

Goodnight Sleeping Tea

For anyone who has ever had trouble getting to sleep at night will love this special blend of tea. Our goodnight sleeping tea includes chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, passionflower and blue cornflower petals, all of which help promote a peaceful sleep. Many people these days use their phone well into the night and find themselves unable to drift off to sleep. This tea is the perfect way to counteract the overuse of technology and can help those wind down before bedtime. Not only can this special blend help with sleep but it is also known to help aid PMS symptoms which can also impact a person’s sleep. A teaspoon of this is all it takes to encourage a more peaceful mind which will then lead to a better night’s rest.

In conclusion, there are many different types of teas that can be used for almost every ailment. It is just about finding the right one that works for you and fitting a regular tea ritual into your schedule. We recommend brewing our teas cold so they can easily be popped in a mason jar to take to work or to take in the car. Drinking a hot brew about an hour and a half before bed in a great way to let your body know that it is time for sleep and won’t cause the need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. When selecting a tea that is right for you, it is important to choose blends that are healthy and have the least amount of chemicals used. That is what we offer here at Tea Life.

Sleeping tea

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  • Toby Gospodarczyk

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707 reviews
Great service & tea from tea life

I recently tried an amazing tea in an exclusive hotel & just had to have it.
They put me onto tea Life & within a few days I had the tea delivered to my home

Hi David, wow which hotel was this? Please let me know so I can thank them! Thank you so much for your review also :) - Toby

Oolong Iron Goddess

A tasty tea

Just keep in mind that green tea has caffeine in it so not the best tea for right before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine like me but great for relaxing during the day

Ahhh I love when people add photos to their reviews! Soon I will be adding special rewards for people that do so, but for now as a thank you - please let me know which tea you'd like to try for free within your next order ( I know you just made one, so maybe next time. ) You're right about the caffeine, and will add that within the description now.

Rooibos Tea

Amazing as an iced tea

I absolutely love having this as an iced tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. It looks so beautiful whilst its steeping and when you add lemon it turns into a gorgeous purple. I plan on using this tea as the base liquid for my acai and smoothie bowls :)

Hi Alex - I love when people submit pictures! I've added that to the product page if that's okay. As thank you please let me know which tea you'd like for free with your next order. You're right, many people use this tea as a base for other things - even rice.