Is Tea Keto Friendly?

Is Tea Keto Friendly?

Short answer and long answer - Yes!

Virtually all tea is Keto safe and one of the main beverages that people will switch to when starting or maintaining a Keto diet as opposed to plain old water. This compounds with the benefits of tea such as better skin, digestion and metabolism rates ensuring that you really can't go wrong with the switch.

Starting this diet is easy for some and harder for others - which I believe depends mostly on which types of foods you were mostly eating in the first place. If you were mostly eating takeaway foods and guzzling cans of energy drink and soda prior to starting this diet you're probably going to have a hard time and experience some Keto shock.

For me, thanks to my relatively healthy upbringing and daily tea consumption - it was pretty easy! I can also attest to the results and noticed significant weight loss faster than most any diet - and is fairly effective at getting rid of that last bit of belly fat.

How does Keto work?

The short and easy version is this -
When going about your daily life, be it watching the latest episode of game of thrones, walking your dog, or taking out the garbage, your body needs energy to move and perform these actions. Where will it normally get this energy from?

body burning carbs running with dog

If your body is very low on Carbs, your body will enter a state called Ketosis which essentially means your body will be using fat as fuel rather than Carbs. This is a basic rule of the human body and cannot be broken, which is why this diet is so effective. You know how some diets work for some and not others?

Keto by its very nature plays by the rules that the human body has set for itself and cannot be broken. In other words if you're on the Keto diet - your body has no choice other than to lose weight.

Which Teas Should I Not Drink on the Keto Diet?

Avoid any teas with sugar (luckily none we sell have any sugar), and avoid any teas with fruit or fruit based teas. Everything else is perfectly fine.
You'll find a lot of people using Chicory tea as a replacement for coffee when on the Keto diet, or simply making the switch to some healthy green tea which still contains caffeine but provides you with more of an even distribution of buzz rather than the spiked high and low of coffee.

green tea for keto diet

If you'd like to learn more about Keto in Australia (help and support on this diet is highly recommended as it can initially be confusing due to the fact that not many realise how most foods contain Carbs these days), check out

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  • Toby Gospodarczyk

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Great service & tea from tea life

I recently tried an amazing tea in an exclusive hotel & just had to have it.
They put me onto tea Life & within a few days I had the tea delivered to my home

Hi David, wow which hotel was this? Please let me know so I can thank them! Thank you so much for your review also :) - Toby

Oolong Iron Goddess

A tasty tea

Just keep in mind that green tea has caffeine in it so not the best tea for right before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine like me but great for relaxing during the day

Ahhh I love when people add photos to their reviews! Soon I will be adding special rewards for people that do so, but for now as a thank you - please let me know which tea you'd like to try for free within your next order ( I know you just made one, so maybe next time. ) You're right about the caffeine, and will add that within the description now.

Rooibos Tea

Amazing as an iced tea

I absolutely love having this as an iced tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. It looks so beautiful whilst its steeping and when you add lemon it turns into a gorgeous purple. I plan on using this tea as the base liquid for my acai and smoothie bowls :)

Hi Alex - I love when people submit pictures! I've added that to the product page if that's okay. As thank you please let me know which tea you'd like for free with your next order. You're right, many people use this tea as a base for other things - even rice.