Which Teas Do I Drink - When and Why?

Which Teas Do I Drink - When and Why?

What do I drink when I have so many (too many) teas at my disposal? After a lot of drinking and testing, I thought I'd put a list together of teas that I commonly drink, when and why. I'm not sure how comprehensive this list will be, as there's a lot to cover and a lot I could say but I will keep it to the essentials and most worthy mentions.

Stress Level 1

When I'm mildly stressed, I'll usually make a beeline for either Chamomile or Damiana. Chamomile has more of an overall nice relaxing taste and feeling that reminds you that everythings going to be okay. There's a reason it's popular, and this is it.

Damiana is a little stronger and to be honest makes me pretty sleepy! This is my Stress Level 1 evening/night time drink. I find it has a bit of a stronger effect than Chamomile and is pretty popular/effective against stronger levels of stress and anxiety too.

damiana tea

Stress Level 2

When I think the world is ending, Valerian is normally my go to tea. A very popular seller here throughout Australia as many have discovered just how good it is (if you can get past the taste). The taste is pretty unusual and many will either blend it with other teas or add some honey to get around this. Personally I kind of like it...maybe I've had too much and just gotten used to it?

valerian tea

I just want some tea

If I just want some tea, I'll usually go with Green Tea. It's simple, very healthy, tastes great, high antioxidants for the skin, and honestly I think it helps me to keep my weight down too. The one we have here is 'first harvest' which means it's the best possible quality batch of the year and is Australian grown.

I strongly feel that drinking a cup of this a day keeps me healthy and haven't been sick in quite a long time now.

green tea

When I want some Iced/Chilled tea

You're probably expecting me to go with one of the fruit teas we have, but I'll be honest and choose a simple answer again as I did above - I'll often place a few pinches of Hibiscus Tea within a paper tea bag and leave it in the fridge overnight within about a litre of water. It's a strong tea that absorbs into water easily, so you'll be set with chilled hibiscus for at least a few days.

I love the tangy kind of taste it gives and fulfills some kind of craving when you're thirsty. I often wonder how many customers do the same!

hibiscus tea

When my throat hurts

I haven't had a truly sore throat in awhile, but I do find that occasionally if I'm unlucky I'll get a kind of allergic reaction from inhaling 170 different types of teas everyday while packing. Do know know when you have a scratchy kind of throat and just want to get inside there and attack it but there's nothing you can do?

I let Liquorice Root do the attacking for me, with the protective coating and anti-inflammatory properties it provides the throat. It's really quite good and almost never fails to provide some relief.

liquorice tea

When I'm sick

When I do get sick with a cough or cold, or more importantly, feel like I'm getting sick - I'll usually take Echinacea Root. One of the main components within cold and flu tablets, this ones been used for a long time as an immune system booster. The leaf of Echinacea is also decent, but I find that personally it gives me headaches unfortunately. I don't seem to have that problem with the root.

echinacea tea

When I have friends over

If I want to impress with something that most people will like, I'll usually go with French Earl Grey. If I want to visually impress with a super bright blue, I'll go with Blue Peaflower Tea.

Another good option is Jasmine Green, which is universally liked, or Buddhas Tears for something a bit more fancy.
One of the great things about French Earl Grey is that it's quite flexible and open to having its taste changed in a few different wants to suit different people. Black, Honey, Sugar, or Milk can be added so you have a lot of options to play around with there.

french earl grey

Well, that's my list! I hope you enjoyed it and got a few new ideas on which tea to take on certain occasions. : )

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  • Toby Gospodarczyk

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Great service & tea from tea life

I recently tried an amazing tea in an exclusive hotel & just had to have it.
They put me onto tea Life & within a few days I had the tea delivered to my home

Hi David, wow which hotel was this? Please let me know so I can thank them! Thank you so much for your review also :) - Toby

Oolong Iron Goddess

A tasty tea

Just keep in mind that green tea has caffeine in it so not the best tea for right before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine like me but great for relaxing during the day

Ahhh I love when people add photos to their reviews! Soon I will be adding special rewards for people that do so, but for now as a thank you - please let me know which tea you'd like to try for free within your next order ( I know you just made one, so maybe next time. ) You're right about the caffeine, and will add that within the description now.

Rooibos Tea

Amazing as an iced tea

I absolutely love having this as an iced tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. It looks so beautiful whilst its steeping and when you add lemon it turns into a gorgeous purple. I plan on using this tea as the base liquid for my acai and smoothie bowls :)

Hi Alex - I love when people submit pictures! I've added that to the product page if that's okay. As thank you please let me know which tea you'd like for free with your next order. You're right, many people use this tea as a base for other things - even rice.