Top Native Teas to Try Today

When shopping blind for new Native teas to try, it can feel like you're going into the outback without a guide. However, here at TeaLife, we are here to be your ultimate guide to the best Native Australian tea to try!

But don't just take our word for it! We will be exploring our top Native teas with rave reviews from our herbal tea-loving customers! Let's check out the best bush tea you've got to add to your cart today!

Green Tea First Harvest

One hundred sixty-eight reviews have led our Green Tea First Harvest blend to come to the top of the rankings for our Australian tea collection! Let's check out why this five-star favourite is the perfect herbal tea for you!


Pesticide-free and deliciously organic, our Green Tea First Harvest is a bush tea with a delightfully sweet flavour. Elevated amino acids Methylxanthine and theanine are found only in first-harvest green tea, which is why this blend tastes a little sweeter than you might be used to!


Here are some of the benefits of Green Tea First Harvest.

  • Weight loss
  • Beat common colds
  • Boosts general health and wellbeing


"Very high-quality leaf with a wonderful Jasmine tone." - Malcolm F

"Amazing tasting green tea and quick delivery! Perfect!" - Emma P

Lemon Myrtle Tea

Following behind in a close second, we have another fan favourite, Lemon Myrtle Tea! With one hundred and three excellent reviews and numerous health benefits, this NSW wonder should definitely be added to your cart!


With a gorgeous creamy texture and a fresh, fragrant flavour, this bush tea is a great addition to any tea caddy. Enjoy brewing a cup of this fragrant herbal tea, and know you are supporting a 100% Australian-owned tea farm!


One of the fabulous health benefits of Lemon Myrtle tea is its ability to soothe a sore throat in no time at all. It can also help you to shake off any coughs and colds and rid your body of muscle cramps and spasms. We love this organic tea as a delicious, lemony herbal remedy!


"Love this tea. I mix it with hibiscus, and it makes a beautiful, uplifting tea first thing in the morning. I Have purchased it several times now, and it is definitely one of my favourite teas from tea life!" - Karen S

"Fragrant tea and exceeded my expectations. Has a creamy texture and I wish I had purchased more." - Melinda D

Ginkgo Tea

Our third most beloved Native Australian tea is Gingko Tea! Our Gingko Tea leaves are grown in Australia at an Australian-owned farm, and so many of our customers treasure this Native tea as a part of their tea collection.


Many of our customers enjoy using Gingko tea as a base for their very own delicious recipes of both hot and cold bush tea. Consider mixing Gingko tea with ginger, lemon or a splash of honey for a soothing beverage. Enjoy hot in the chillier months to help with the symptoms of a common cold, or enjoy over ice in the summer for a refreshing herbal tea with awesome benefits!


We love Gingko tea for a whole bunch of reasons! This bush tea is an ancient herbal remedy loved by the First Nations Peoples of Australia and cherished even today amongst those of us who prefer to medicate with tea. Gingko tea benefits include:

  • Relieving depression and anxiety
  • Improve cognitive function
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory
  • High in antioxidants
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • General health-boosting functions


"I like the mellow flavour of Ginkgo tea. I have poor circulation in my legs and find this tea helps. I use honey with this tea." - Karen H 

"Makes an enjoyable cuppa! It took me on a journey... clear brewed tea, the pleasant delicate taste reminds me of Hong Kong, I lived there for a couple of years back in the seventies. Thanks for the memories!" - Chrissie S

Jilungin Tea

Another familiar face and treasured TeaLife favourite is Jilungin tea! We have been raving about this wonderful Native tea for months now, and it turns out that our customers do, too! We recommend keeping a pack in your tea caddy all year round for some herbal tea healing whenever you need it!


Jilungin tea boasts a delicate, light and refreshing flavour that is easily enjoyed whenever you feel like it. Many customers enjoy the taste so much that they drink it as is, but feel free to add another kind of herbal tea for a flavour sensation!


For millennia, Indigenous Australians have enjoyed Jilungin Tea as a remedy for sleeplessness in both adults and hyperactive children. Its antioxidant content surpasses even that of Green tea!


"I enjoy drinking this tea so much I will have it several times throughout the day." - James L 

"Absolute new favourite. Light and refreshing and helps to calm the senses for a relaxed night's sleep." - Beth C

Bush Black Tea

Embrace the flavour of the Australian landscapes with our final fan favourite, Bush Black Tea! We know our customers love Bush Black tea not just as a refreshing beverage but as a journey through the Australian landscapes on which it was grown. Enjoy a cup of Australia when sipping on Bush Black tea!


Crafted from the fertile soils of Australia, this premium black tea boasts a distinctive, lively, and sophisticated flavour profile that distinguishes it on the world tea stage. Australian Grown Black Tea assimilates the essence of its environment, encapsulating the vigour and pristine beauty of Australian landscapes, resulting in a brew as energising as the land it originates from.


With no specific health benefits, we like to use Bush Black tea as a reminder of home. Consider using it in grounding rituals or as a gift to Australians living abroad. The essence of Australia is rarely so well captured in a beverage, so make the most of it with Bush Black tea!


"This is a lovely tea for when you want something just a little bit different to the standard breakfast teas." - Victoria A

"Lovely and strong. Refreshes me completely." - Aarti A

Overall, when choosing your next Australian tea, why not consider the reviews of our treasured customers? If you're mad about tea, join the TeaLife tea club and enjoy earning points as you shop. You can also earn a $5 store credit when signing up for our newsletter today!


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