Your Best Guide for Autumn Teas

It's time to start exploring some of the best Autumn herbal teas on the market! Here at TeaLife, we have put together an outstanding array of delicious teas aimed explicitly at helping ease you into the cozy Autumn months ahead. 

Stock your tea caddy, put the kettle on and relax with your favourite mug as we check out the best Autumn herbal teas to add to your collection!

Chamomile Tea

Starting this list with a classic, Chamomile tea is fantastic at soothing nerves and aiding sleep, and it even makes a great digestive soother; how's that for an Autumn herbal tea? 

The best bit is that Chamomile tea acts as a natural immune booster, which is absolutely ideal for the chillier weather!

Oolong Iron Goddess

Oolong is a magical herbal blend that combines elements of both green and black tea. Our Oolong Iron Goddess is a perfect addition to your Autumn herbal tea collection if you want to shed a few excess pounds, reduce stress and consume a few extra vitamins and minerals.

Oolong Iron Goddess is named after the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. Many people enjoy Oolong Iron Goddess as a refreshing beverage during and after meals, and it is popularly seen at mealtimes in Chinese culture.

Pine Needle Tea

Pine Needle tea is exceptionally beneficial during the colder months due to its excellent antiviral properties. Many tea enthusiasts enjoy using it to treat the symptoms of the flu and prevent themselves from catching it in the first place. 

If you're looking for a natural way to treat hormonal imbalances, Pine Needle tea should also be added to your collection! Many ancient cultures also used Pine Needle tea to treat problems with vision, gum disease, weak bones in children, and wounds that are not healing correctly.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is becoming a bit of a buzzword in holistic healing communities, and for good reason! This ancient Indian remedy has shown some compelling results across all species, and Turmeric on its own has even been used to treat horses! 

A few of the benefits of Turmeric tea are treating Alzheimer's, boosting immune system functions, soothing the symptoms of Arthritis, preventing some forms of cancers, managing diabetes, aiding weight loss, and even managing IBS symptoms.

Buddhas Tears

If you want to arrive to the warmer months looking younger than ever then keep a healthy stock of Buddhas Tears tea to consume over the colder months. Buddhas Tears tea has shown extraordinary anti-aging properties amongst regular drinkers which is why we consider it to be one of the top Autumn herbal teas out there! 

Not only that but Buddhas Tears tea helps to fight free radicals within the body which means it is a natural cancer prevention remedy. The antioxidants that fight the free radicals are also responsible for boosting the revitalisation process throughout the body. Buddhas Tears tea also helps aid weight loss and boosts immune system function!

Chai Dreams Chocolate Edition

Our Chai Dreams Chocolate Edition is the best way to spend Autumn evenings. Unlike other blends, our Chocolate Chai contains no sugary chocolate powder and instead brings its rich flavours from chocolate cacao husk, ensuring you get the purest, healthiest ingredients in every cup. 

Some people enjoy drinking any Chai blend to support heart health, and studies have also shown it to be a natural way to lower blood sugar!

Chai Dreams Turmeric Edition

Enjoy another one of our cosy Chai varieties for the ultimate night in! Chai Dreams Turmeric Edition boasts all the flavours of delicious Chai and combines it with the perfect warming sensations of Turmeric. 

You also get the health benefits of both Chai and Turmeric! What's not to love? We would definitely suggest this tea for your Autumn herbal tea collection, and if we're honest, we drink it all year round!

Soursop Fusion Black Tea

Experience the magic of Soursop with our Soursop Fusion Black tea! Soursop, also known as Paw Paw, is a powerful remedy for a variety of ailments and is used for treating gastric ulcers, preventing cancer, protecting the liver, and being anti-arthritic and anti-parasitic. 

We love using Soursop Fusion Black tea as a mood booster and keep a hefty supply on hand at all times during the darker, colder months! Banish the winter blues with Soursop and enjoy sipping on one of the cosiest cups of tea in the business!

Soursop Leaf Tea

This is one of the purest Soursop teas available, and its fan club is constantly expanding! The rich, earthy taste alongside the myriad of health benefits makes Soursop in any form a real cult favourite among tea aficionados. 

We keep Soursop Leaf tea around as a wonderful anti-inflammatory that helps rid those nasty Autumn aches. Boost immunity, banish the blues and restore calm with Soursop Leaf tea from TeaLife.

Bush Black Tea

Only an ecosystem as diverse as Australia could provide us with such a vast array of unique blends of tea, and Bush Black tea is one of them! Our organic blend of Bush Black tea captures the essence of the Australian landscape like no other and revitalises its drinkers in the same way! 

With its full-bodied flavour and lingering sweetness, we have chosen Bush Black tea as our best Autumn tea because it feels like a hug in a mug! Enjoy the wonders of Australia from the toasty indoors all Autumn long.

Strawberry Peppermint Gum Bush Tea

Forget after dinner mints and coffee because we've got something even better! Strawberry Peppermint Gum Bush tea is the dinner party finisher to top them all. A cheeky pop of peppermint with all the sweetness of strawberries unleashes a flavour combination that will leave your guests amazed. 

Grown in the North of Australia, our blend is hailed as zingy and refreshing and has a huge fan base across the world!

Thyme Native Tea

As a treasured member of the mint family, Thyme is a powerful ingredient that we use mostly to keep that dreadful Autumn cough at bay. However, you can use this excellent herbal remedy for a plethora of things or just enjoy a cup of Thyme Native tea to help you unwind at the end of the day. 

Thyme Native tea is a great addition to your Autumn tea haul because of its impressive disinfecting properties. Boost immunity and beat infections with this fantastic organic blend of herbal tea!

The Lowdown on Autumn Teas

Okay, so we've explored our favourite picks, but let's give you the best of the bunch at a glance!

  • Best for Immunity: Pine Needle Tea
  • Best for Movie Nights: Chai Dreams Chocolate Edition
  • Best for Staying Calm: Chamomile Tea
  • Best Allround Remedy: Turmeric Tea
  • Antioxidant Hero: Buddhas Tears
  • Best for Keeping Cosy: Chai Dreams Turmeric Edition

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