Health Benefits of Teas and Tisanes (Herbal Tea)

We recently found a great infographic (down below) that illustrates an easy to read flow chart containing some well known herbal teas, along with the reasons they are commonly used.

There's a couple of things we'd be adding or changing within this graph, but for the most part, it's quite good.

Feel free to pass this along, print it for your fridge, or save to your computer!

General Body

Black - Kidney Stones, Atherosclerosis, Osteoporosis, Raising Low Blood Pressure, Mental Alertness (all reduced risk)

Oolong - Mental Alertness 

Pu-Erh - Mental Alertness

Green - Osteoporosis, Raising Low Blood Pressure, Mental Alertness, Lowering High Cholesterol, Oral Leukoplakia, Cervical Dysplasia (all reduced risk)

Milk Thistle - Lowering High Cholesterol, Lowering High Blood Sugar


Mental Function and Relaxation

Ginseng - Lowering High Blood Sugar, Mental Function, Erectile Dysfunction, Lowering High Blood Pressure

Passionflower - Anxiety (should be linked to sleep too)

Lemon Balm (Melissa) - Anxiety, Insomnia

Valerian Root - Insomnia (Should be linked with Anxiety as well)

Chamomile - Diarrhoea, Mouth Swelling, Insomnia, Anxiety


Stomach Pain, Cold, and Flu

Ginger - Nausea, Morning Sickness, Dizziness, Menstrual Pain

Nettle - Osteoarthritis Pain (Should also be linked to allergy reduction)

Echinacea - Cold + Flu Symptoms (Taken at early onset is important)

Hibiscus - Lowering of High Blood Pressure, 

Peppermint - Bloating, Stomach Pain

Thyme - Coughing


Health Benefits of Teas and Tisanes

Tea education

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I love, love, love the tea chart! Stinging nettle tea also has the benefit of helping people sleep throughout the night without feeling the pressure of a full bladder which is very helpful for woman after giving birth and older people who feel the need to urinate frequently throughout the night time (bladder pressure is no fun). Also one of my favourite teas use to be peppermint and I drank it all the time. I never knew that it helped bloating and stomach pain but looking back, those two topics were never an issue for me until I was told to stop drinking peppermint tea by my gastroenterologist. Unfortunately although peppermint tea is very enjoyable, it is a relaxant and because I had a hiatal hernia I was warned against drinking it. I think I will start again though and only drink it in the mornings instead of at night so I won’t deal with acid reflux symptoms at night but I will still enjoy the peppermint tea. If you have the opportunity, look into Uva Ursi tea. It has amazing health benefits especially used in tandem with cranberry water for people who suffer from chronic bladder infections. I also fully agree that people should talk with their Dr.’s because certain teas can and will interfere with prescription medication.

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